We meld creativity and science into effective content.

Top Reasons to Work with Us


We love creating content, but we live for seeing it have an impact. Whether you want to change brand perceptions, engage prospective customers, increase conversions, reduce churn, or something else, we can help. We make content that makes a difference.

Proprietary Data

Backed by Content Science, our understanding of content effectiveness will give your content an edge. And we can combine our studio solution with CS Lab to conduct experiments that innovate and optimize your content.

Strong Relationships

“Forge” in our name isn’t only about the effort to make content. It’s also about the effort to build a productive relationship with you. And it’s about forming content that strengthens and deepens your relationships with your customers, audiences, or employees.

Broad + Deep Experience

We’re well versed in every kind of content that supports the customer experience. We’ve developed content in finance, technology, health, ecommerce, hospitality, food and beverage, nonprofit, government, and much more.

Appropriate Skills

An expert blacksmith does not use only one technique, and neither do we. The range of content companies need today requires a spectrum of specialized creative skills. Our studio brings together the right people to develop the right content in the right way.

What Our Clients Say

“I liked my feeling of commitment and engagement from Content Science.”

David Nusspickel, Wiley

“Content Science trained our content creators to provide more compelling content. We saw immediate fruits of this labor.”

Alicia Goodman, Consumer Technology Association

“Content Science updated our voice to reflect who Sharecare is today, then brought it to life.”

Dermot Waters, Sharecare

“Content Science provided us with guidance and tools to let us not only solve our short-term issues but also put a strategy in place for the future.”

Lance Yoder, Cerner


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